Orrick's GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool

Orrick’s GDPR Team is pleased to provide your organisation with our GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool to help you evaluate your organisation’s current state of compliance with the GDPR.

Click on the button below to begin the questionnaire. You may need input from different stakeholders within your organisation to help answer some questions.

You can also click on the Answer Summary button at any time which allows you to view all of the responses you have provided.

Your responses will automatically be saved when you click the Finish button in the questionnaire. You can submit your responses for review or you can download your responses to finish filling out the questionnaire at a later date.

After submitting your responses you can download a report setting out your organisation’s readiness for the GDPR along with a copy of your responses.

To assess your California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) state of compliance please visit Orrick’s CCPA Readiness Assessment Tool.

To learn more about Orrick’s data protection practice, please visit our Web site.

Orrick’s GDPR team can be contacted at [email protected].

Upload answers from a previous unsubmitted questionnaire.